Aluminum Casting

Aluminum casting process implements a high-quality steel dies, which are often capable of producing tens of thousands of castings in rapid succession. The aluminum casting process involves the use of a furnace, aluminum alloy, die casting machine, and die. Dies that usually constructed with long-lasting, quality steel have at least two sections to permit removal of casting. These sections are mounted securely in a machine and are arranged so that one is stationary while the other is moveable. The die halves are drawn apart and the casting is ejected. Dies can be simple or complex, having moveable slides, cores, or other sections depending on the complexity of the casting. Most machines use mechanisms actuated by hydraulic cylinders to achieve locking. Others use direct acting hydraulic pressure. Die casting machines, large or small, very fundamentally only in the method used to inject molten metal into the die.
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  • Quality Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process for producing accurately dimensioned, sharply defined, smooth or textured-surface aluminum parts through the use of reusable molds, called dies.

  • Our Professional Low pressure die casting is a common process used in foundries today. The molten aluminum alloy slowly fills the die under low pressure air. We can control the air of pressure, to reducing turbulence and get very good quality casting parts.

  • Customized Gravity die casting is one kind of permanent mold casting.The molten aluminum is poured directly from a ladle into a semi-permanent or permanent die, and they flow slowly into the cavity under nature gravity, after that, it will be also cooled and solidified under nature gravity.

  • Aluminum Foundry play an important role in the manufacturing industry, producing high-quality aluminum castings that are used in a wide range of products.

  • Custom Sand Casting Company. Aluminum sand casting is one of the fastest and most cost-effective casting methods adopted in the production of low volumes of aluminum casting parts, as tooling cost is very low. The parts are available to weigh from less than a pound to thousands of pounds.

  • Advanced A356 Aluminum Casting Suppliers. The aluminum alloy ingots of A356 are heated to more than 700 degree in furnace, remove out of the impurities on the top. Poured them into the special mold, then you will get its casting.A356 aluminum casting parts are widely used in automobile, medical device, parts, aerospace industry, etc.

We have Aluminum Casting made from our factory in China as our products, which is of good quality. Xuxing Machinery is known as one of the famous Aluminum Casting manufactures and suppliers in China. We are strong Company, that have a good controlling system and the potential in development.
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