Zinc Casting

The advantages of zinc casting include:
Longer tool life and lower tooling cost.
Low-cost raw material comparing with aluminum alloy.
Excellent in accuracy and stability with high dimensions..
Excellent balance of mechanical and physical properties, including higher yield strength and elongation when compared to aluminum or magnesium.
Exceptionally corrosion-resistant
Wide range of finishing options
Faster production time
We are experts in zinc casting
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  • Customized Zinc Die Casting Suppliers. Zinc die casting process is fast-cycling hot chamber die casting process. it utilizes a component called a gooseneck that is submerged in a furnace filled with molten metal. Metal automatically enters the shot chamber through a hole in the gooseneck. A vertical plunger then seals the hole and drives the metal into the back of the die with high pressure. There are one or more cavities, each an exact inverse replica of the parts, the quick chill and rapid solidification take place when the molten metal comes into contact with relatively cool steel. The part is ejected from the tool.

We have Zinc Casting made from our factory in China as our products, which is of good quality. Xuxing Machinery is known as one of the famous Zinc Casting manufactures and suppliers in China. We are strong Company, that have a good controlling system and the potential in development.
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